Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MFA Art of the Americas Wing

John Singer Sargent      The Daughters of Edward Darley Bolt
I am in heaven!  I love the new wing at the MFA.  Bob and I spent a long weekend in Boston for New Year's Eve and I got to explore the exhibits to my heart's content.  While he napped (he is tolerant of my museum forays up to a point), I savored the works of John Singer Sargent (my favorite), Mary Cassatt (another one) and impressionists to moderns.  I left two floors for another time.

John Sargent  An Artist in his Studio
This one, of an artist friend in Italy really shows his love of white on white with the bed linens draped over the footboard.  The rumpled sheets, hastily pulled back out of the way, reflect the light streaming in the window.  He was a master at juxtaposing color and creating balance.

Mary Cassatt      Afternoon Tea
Mary Cassatt depicted the gentler side of life with her mother and child portraits and friends enjoying an afternoon tea.  How wonderful to be able to see these works in person any time I want!I can only imagine what treasures are stored below that I have yet to view.

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