Friday, August 9, 2013

Martha's Vineyard and A Fine Romance

I am heading for the Vineyard next week for Illumination Night in Oak Bluffs.  If you have never been - you'd be in for a real treat if you can go. The charming gingerbread cottages are decked out with colorful (and in many cases vintage) Chinese lanterns for one night every year.

Susan Branch is releasing her newest book as we speak and I just found out that she will be signing at the Bunch of Grapes Bookstore in Vineyard Haven on Thursday, August 15th (4 - 5:30). It is my favorite bookstore ever and I have a lot of wonderful books on my shelves that I bought there. Each has a purple-inked Bunch of Grapes bookmark inside.

I plan to be there with bells on! When I met her years ago, I was enchanted by her thoughtfulness and bright outlook on life. I followed her trip to England on her blog and enjoyed every minute of it as she took all her 'girlfriends' in her luggage with her. Having been to some of the same places and loving walking back into history, her stories were that much more interesting.

Go to her website for more info on A Fine Romance and go back through her blog to join her on her travels by boat (Queen Mary II, no less) to England.  Or join me at the book-signing and get your own copy to read and reread to your heart's content!