Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rearrange for a Change

Getting up really early on a Sunday morning gives you lots of time during the day.  We went to the firehouse to fill Thanksgiving baskets for the Lions Club at 7:30.  There was so much help that we were easily done by 9:00.  96 families this year - up from last year.  Still a lot of families are struggling to keep afloat.  News reports banter about 'recession over' - 'wasn't really a recession' - 'unemployment down' - no, it is up, like it is fodder to be juggled to fit the relentless broadcast schedules.  The point of view shifts with the uninformed opinions of the newscasters searching for anything to fill the time.  I thought they were only supposed to report news, not create it. Not worth listening to - have to take everything with a grain of salt.  I can get the real news from the 96 families who need help right now.  Repeat a number like that in every town in Massachusetts and it is unfathomable.  30% of the homes in Ashburnham are in foreclosure and close to that in Fitchburg.  Similar stories overseas.  What is happening to our world?

I am trying to create some order in my little piece of it (the effort of which seems inconsequential now that I wrote that).  Wasn't where I planned to go when I sat down a few minutes ago.  I cleaned, moved some furniture to make room for my paints and easel which need to come inside for the winter and made two batches of grape jelly with the last of the juice from the summer.  It is autumn and my efforts touch both the warm summer and chilly winter.  My bridge spans the seasons.
My Winter Digs