Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More from New Year's Weekend

Spending the last few days (and the first of the new year) in a regal old hotel near Boston Common is bliss.  Exploring the city, experiencing our first "First Night" with all the festivities, parade and fireworks was a blast.

It was unseasonably warm which had families out in droves.  Everyone was so excited to be there and the line at the skating rink in Boston Common was a long, patient one.

The sculptures were magnificent but drippy as the sun warmed them, softening their details.  George Washington was having a difficult time crossing the Delaware, but the dolphins took the excess water in stride.

We watched the midnight fireworks from the harbor which was unique, but I envied the masses on the pier who were counting down the seconds only to break into a roar as the clock struck the hour.  It was quiet on our boat.  They didn't do a countdown or play Old Ang Syne.  Next time, I want to be with them. 

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