Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blizzard Conditions

The snow is coming down in earnest outside.  I can feel the wind buffeting the house as it wraps icy fingers around the roof.  Snowplows have been going down the road several times an hour, more often than I would expect for our road.

I have been putting away leftover wrapping paper and ribbons, tucking gift bags into the sides of the box for next year.  The pile of magazines is a great deal smaller.  I seem to be on a quiet quest for calm and order, cleaning out clutter and organizing drawers.  Bob is watching football and I check in now and then for the highlights and scores.

It is cozy and warm up in my sitting room. Since I had finished one of my Christmas books from the library this afternoon, I started a new one tonight.  Set in London at the turn of the century, its plot is starting out in the seamier alleyways of the city and I wonder where the hopeful Christmasy-ness will come in. I poured some milk and nabbed a few spritz on my last trip downstairs.  Maybe they will help me get through the icky parts and on to the uplifting ones.

In between bursts of reading, I have been going through old floppy discs from Creative NeedleArts days, transferring the files I want to keep onto my computer.  Since computers don't come with floppy drives anymore, if I want something, I better save it now.  There were journal entries and copies of letters to friends overseas from the 90's which were nice to find.  I didn't save the files from CNA, though.  It is time to let that all go.  I have my printed books and patterns if I want to reminisce.

Christmas has a habit of making me feel nostalgic and the week between now and New Year's Day has always been my time to reflect and regroup.  It is interesting to look back at the events and people which have shaped my life into what it is.  Being ensconced in a warm room while gales of wind throw snow around makes the exploration even more fun.

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