Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Westminster Tower
The sun is going down and it highlights the iconic monuments with burnished light. As dusk approaches, one of the most dramatic part of the day begins.

Over the years, business has taken me to London numerous times. Little bouts of exploration leave me enchanted with the different lifestyles in this world city. I have seen much, even with the time constraints of work and energy. I push through and enjoy a selection of different things on each trip. One time, it might be museums and art so vibrant it takes my breath away. On another, a walk through alleys and thoroughfares brings architectural discoveries. Mamma Mia at the Prince Albert Theatre and Evensong at St. Paul's, a tradition since 604. Sunday service at Westminster Cathedral just months before William and Kate's wedding had me studying the carvings and nave knowing that they would be doing the same thing gave me a sense of belonging to a stream of history. At least a little bit.

Continuance. There is what came before and there is what will come, but now is the real present. A gift of experiences and wonder. Challenge and acceptance. Wonder and love.

Close-up of Art
Brussels Alleyway

Appreciation. I cannot walk without admiring what went before me. Art so intrinsically molded into the facades of countless buildings which are left to weather the elements, sometimes for hundreds of years, and still they survive. Did he know - the builder - the carver - the mason? Did he ever think that I would be walking in front of his work eons after he died reveling in his vision? Did he realize that thousands more just like me would stand where I am standing and soak in his beauty?


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