Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Shiny New Year

There is something about the transition from one year to another that has us all thinking about new beginnings or, maybe, second chances. Whether we will embrace them is up to us.

This year, mine are really neither one. My new year feels undeniably fresh and purposeful but a continuation of the last one. I am getting things done without the stress of not enough time (because there is enough when I take my time). I am enjoying friends and family, contacting those at a distance, looking forward to seeing business friends at upcoming trade shows and loving my family near and far. The wintry scene outside my window enchants me as the sun streaks through the bare branches brightening the snow in its path. The contrast with the blue hues deep in the shadows of the tall pines give the scene depth and interest.

It is as simple as that. I write while my tea brews. I slept with my hand on our dog between us and Bob's hand covered mine, both pleased to have this loving creature in our lives.

While there are a few worries (as there will always be) to balance the contentment, I am trusting that those involved will follow their heart's desire and find peace once again. If they need me, I am here. I am a good listener and thankful for that. I check in, offer support and try not to interfere. I am not always successful at the latter, though, and I hope that the ideas we discuss offer food for thought. Sometimes only a long hug or commiseration is needed and I am okay with that, too.

There will be waves in my new year - ripples - perhaps storms. I will sail my ship as best I know how regardless of the tides flung at me. All the more reason to relish the here and now, be grateful for my life as it is at this moment.

I do. Oh, yes, I do.

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