Friday, September 24, 2010

On the Loose in Toulouse

Exploring a new area, especially in Europe where history mingles with everyday life, is like eating a rich dessert.  You lick your lips in anticipation and once the treat is before you, you savor every bite.

We landed in Toulouse during the latest French air traffic controllers' strike ahead of our original schedule as flights were cancelled, we were rerouted (in our favor) and tense moments at our Frankfort layover had us doubting we would ever get there that day. All went well in the end but Marty and Kathy's luggage didn't arrive for several days.

While Bob and our friends dozed their jet lag away, I couldn't bear to do the same so I grabbed my camera and headed out. And I savored.

I think I am at my best when I can see new things and touch history at the same time.  I love the shutters on the tall windows overlooking the narrow streets, the patina on bronze statues and the smooth grain of wood polished by centuries of hands running across it.  I love the dip worn into marble stairs and the waviness of the scenery when viewed through old leaded glass windows.  It is all good and I am glad to be here to enjoy it.

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